This is  my very first novel. It took me twenty years to write because I am a very serious writer who demands perfection in all aspects of my craft...or maybe I'm just lazy. Who knows? The important thing is that the book is now done. Here's what it's about:


     He was just a common man - a homeless, nameless drunk - until they came. They, the infinitely recombining, seemingly indestructible star creatures, promised the answer to every problem that has ever plagued mankind, common or not. In short, they promised perfection, and they asked nothing in return. Except that it wasn't that easy. It never is. By the time the last question is answered, the last human will have died. Half the world is ecstatic, thinking they can stop asking questions before the stars come for them and live in perfect peace and prosperity with their fellow survivors. The other half is appalled, knowing perfection is never perfect and that the worth of a human soul far exceeds the worth of a perfect world. But how do they stop the unstoppable when the normal array of weaponry has no effect? What uncommon weapon will save the day? The drunk knows, and his weapon is the most common thing known to man.
     The Planet Perfecters is a sci-fi-political commentary-adventure-comedy-romance about the evil potential of governments and the uniting commonness of humanity that is anything BUT common.


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