That's me, the handsome guy in the picture to your left. Stunner, ain't I? I was born in Seattle (located i                                              in the Washington on the west coast, not the one on the east) and lived there for three days until my

                                               mother recovered enough from birthing me to move back to her home in

                                               Renton, Washington. I moved with her, of course, and except for two years

                                               in Rexburg Idaho and four months in Kingston, New York, lived there from

                                               1960 until 2008, when my blushing bride, Mary, and I moved to Spokane.

                                               That's her in the picture. Isn't she just adorable?

​​​                                               Here are a few additional and ridiculously compelling details about me, in

case you're interested: I have five sons, one daughter, 8-10 grand kids (it changes periodically) and a miniature poodle named Copper; I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ; I love cookies; I have read more than two thousands books - novels, texts, tomes, manuscripts, what have you - in the last three decades; I love cooking, I love eating and most of all I love eating other people's cooking; I spent more than two decades driving truck but now work as a Certified Nurse's Aid - it's often messier than driving, but more satisfying at the end of the day.